Fields of Activity

Our Senior Partners are Mrs. Heidrun Lindner, Attorney-at-Law and Mr. Jörg Blaumeier, Patent Attorney. Further partners are Mr. Daniel Terheggen, LL.M., Attorney-at-Law, Mr. Dr. Markus Lippert, Patent Attorney, and Mr. Dr. Michael Stocker, Patent Attorney. The combined technical and legal expertise of our attorneys enables us to deal with the whole range of intellectual property and all categories of subject matter.

Our principal domestic and international activities include ...

  • Protection of technical inventions through patents and utility models. We assist national, European and international patent applications (PCT applications) by filing, revisioning and observing client rights. We advise clients on a wide range of technologies including mechanical and electrical engineering, electronics, physics, construction technology, transport technology and general processes.
  • Protection of company names and marks for goods and services by trademarks at home and abroad, by internationally registered marks or by community trademarks as well as by copyrights and by rights in company names.
  • Protection of the visual appearance of goods, including shape or surface decoration protected through national and international registered designs.
  • Invocation of rights, company names and prosecution of imitations and violation of company names through third parties at home and abroad.
  • Assistance in acquiring Internet domain names.
  • Counsel on licensing and collaboration matters.
  • Counsel on laws covering employees’ inventions.

In addition we offer the following services:

  • IP management worldwide
  • Investigation, especially trademark investigation and monitoring of patent and trademark rights
  • Patent right administrations, especially administrations, registrations and periods card index
  • Technical drawing and illustrations