Dipl. Phys. Dr. Markus Lippert

Dr. Lippert is a physicist and partner of the Firm.

The focus of his work is on software patents, medical technology and vehicle technology.

He primarily acts before the German Patent and Trademark Office, the European Patent Office and the Federal Patent Court.

Dr. Lippert studied Physics at the Johannes Gutenberg university in Mainz. Apart from his basic physical education, he attended additional courses in medical physics, computer science and basic electrical engineering, among others. He did his doctorate also in Mainz, in the department of solid state physics, wherein he examined the quantum mechanical behaviour of domain walls acting as signal carriers in nanoelectronics. During multiple visits to the United Kingdom, he deepened his linguistic proficiency. Dr. Lippert also has an additional qualification in Japanese Studies.

After his patent attorney training at the Firm, the German Patent and Trademark Office and the Federal Patent Court, Dr. Lippert was admitted in 2008 as German Patent Attorney and in 2010 as European Patent Attorney.

Languages: German, English, Japanese